Cookie Policy

How Cookies aid your shopping experience

Cookies are small files a website will put onto your computer to make visits and overall user experience easier, more personalised to you and faster. The majority of cookies are important to a site to enable standard operations such as remembering user details to enhance the shopper's experience. Take for instance a cookie to retain information about what products you have placed in your shopping basket, if this cookie failed to exist, a shopper would need to manually add each of their prospective purchases to their basket each time they visit a different page on

Cookies are categorised as the following types:

  •  Essential Cookies
  •  Use of Personal Data
  •  Helpful Cookies
  •  Third Party Cookies

Essential Cookies

As with the example above, an Essential Cookie enables a website to function at its best. For this means making our customers shopping experience as straightforward as possible. requires cookies to be present to remember the items you place in your shopping basket.